Welcome to Makala Thomas Book Previews!!

Welcome to the site dedicated to book previews of books written by Makala Thomas!

This is a “try before you buy” blog where Makala Thomas publishes FIFTY PAGE previews of her books (yes, fifty pages! That’s a whole chunk out of each story!), allowing you to read quite a bit before you purchase, giving you an opportunity to read more than just the description.

Not many writers and authors do this!

If you decide you like the story you are reading, there are links provided as to where you can purchase the whole book, either as an ebook or paperback (some prefer to have a book in their hands rather than read on a screen :P).

In the menu under the header are all the books available for sale and then some! Some books will not be available to buy right away but previews will still be provided, meaning your lucky eyes get first dibs on the novel!

Have fun and do enjoy reading!


Makala Thomas